True Story of one American Dancer

Undoubtedly, Islam is the religion of Peace and Tranquility that is why one american dancer accepted Islam without having lot of questions.The people who are relating the religion Islam to bad activities around the world they are definitely wrong. They definitely have not complete knowledge about religion Islam. Islam is the religion when it emerged there was no humanity in this world. Islam taught the best ways of living to those who had no manners even in their daily routine lives.

Talking about people who are converting to Islam they have number of reasons to embrace Islam. Most of the converters have their personal reasons and rest of others like the social and spiritual characteristics of Islam. Most of the people are coming in this religion only to get peach and tranquility according to them. Jews and Christians are the people who have much more inclination than others to convert into religion Islam.

To embrace Islam is considered much easier than any other as it has only one main principle just to have belief in Allah and His Prophet. There is no serial or lengthy process to adopt religion Islam or any other formal rituals. There is only one book that claims Islamic authority and no one can challenge its superiority. So this thing also fortifies the faith of the converters.

In this context, one renowned singer named Honey Singh also made a song in the favour of Islam in which he is explaining about the Islam as it is the religion of peace and tranquility. He also mentions the victories of Islam in which Islam gives matchless examples of forgiving to their enemies and left them all without punishments.

Islam not only gives tension free environment but also provide justice and equality that is very rare in other religions. Here we are going to discuss one renowned example of justice of Islam. In the age of early Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave verdict to cut the both hands of a thief woman. On asking to give relaxation in the punishment, Prophet Muhammad said that the punishment remained same if my own daughter Fatima committed the same wrong deed.

It is also said one American dancer who had lived all her life in dance club and never thought to have this big change in her life. When that american dancer read the verse which were necessary, she abruptly said it seemed as there was something empty place in her heart. Her husband also embraced Islam happily after her wife and started to live life according to Islamic rules.


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