Tourism never completes without Bungee Jumping

There are many countries around the world which give opportunity for bungee jumping to its tourists. Tourism does not seem completed without bungee jumping as people love it too much to jump from height.  Bungee jumping also spelled as Bungy Jumping and spelled in New Zealand.

Talking about bungee jumping or bungy jumping, it is an activity in which one is attached to a long elastic cord and is thrown from tall structure. Usually these activities are taken place in hilly areas or at high areas of any country. Other than hilly areas, these activities can be performed by tourists from tall structures.

When one jumps from the tall structure he gets thrill by free falling and rebounding. Due to the stretching of long cord, the jumper gets enjoy by moving upward and downward until it gets stopped. Bungee jumping seems most of the European countries as people love too much with this activity.

Talking about the history of bungee humping or bungy jumping, it was started for the first time in April 01, 1979. The first jump of the bungee jumper was made from the height of 250 feet (76 m) from Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.

The jumpers were named as David Kirke and Simon Keeling and both were the members at that time of Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club. After doing this act, both were arrested for a short period and then released by the government. After that, both continued to jump continuously in America and also got sponsorship from one of TV channels.

Undoubtedly, bungee jumping has its unique position in tourism as people love to become the part of it. People enjoy a lot while having free fall from the height even having risks to their lives. First organized bungee jumping or bungy jumping was begun in New Zealand from Auckland’s Greenhithe Bridge in 1986.

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