Top Ten Intelligence Agencies Ranked in New York

Washington: American Crime News in New York released the list of top ten intelligence agencies around the world in 2011. In this report, American Crime News announces the efficiency of different spy agencies that are working day and night for the survival of their countries. Because every country relies on these agencies for its survival so the better will be the agencies, the better will be future of that country.

CSIS is ranked at 10th position that is belonged to Canada. This spy agency was born in 1984 on the same pattern of CIA and MI6 according to the report of American Crime News New York. These agencies are taken as civil institutions but directly connected to military and police as well. In the next from bottom to top, ASIS that is Australian intelligence agency is placed at 9th position.

Australian government made this agency on 13 May, 1954. CSIS has its annual budget $162.5 m AUD according to the report of 2007. RAW holds 8th position in this ranking that is Indian agency. The formation of this agency was felt by government after having two wars. In 1968, RAW started to perform its duty to vanguard its country from any type of danger.

The agency of Israel named Mossad ranked at 7 that is considered very powerful due to its resources but regarding working efficiency it graded at 7th position. German spy agency has 6th position in this competition named BND which was formed in 1956. After defeating in World War II, it was come into being and it maintained itself as a part of good intelligence agency.

American Crime News institution in New York put its finest effort to make this report that does not belong to fanaticism at all. DGSE belongs to France and rated at the 5th number that was formed in 1982 and started to work under the instruction of Defence Ministry of French Government. FSB belongs to Russia comes at 4 number and its headquarter is in Moscow. Talking about MI6 that embedded itself at 3rd position in American Crime News report in New York is undoubtedly very good secret agency. MI6 headquarter is in London City.

American Agency CIA got 2nd position by its own institution of New York which proved how clean reporting is made by American Crime News. CIA works by having direction from Nations Intelligence. ISI, the agency of limited resources country named Pakistan got 1st position in this report. In 1948, ISI was formed for the better and unassailable future of its country.

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