Think Tanks of US Government Warns its higher officials

WASHINGTON: Think Tanks of US Government gave conclusive report in December 2012 to US policymaker and emphasized to plan for worst possible scenarios. They declares a list of Goldman Sachs regarding “Next Eleven” in which today’s less progressive countries like Vietnam, Turkey, South Korea, Egypt, Iran, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, the Philippines and the most importantly Pakistan are included in those countries which will surpass European Union by 2030.

According to Think Tanks of US Government, Pakistan would definitely include in the list of “Next Eleven” and the whole group will collectively able to overtake on 27 countries of EU by 2030 in global power. This shocking and amazing report was assembled by US National Intelligence Council in which about 18 intelligence agencies of America with dozens of think tanks worked day and night.

This report which might be seemed unbelievable this time is made on the basis of socio-economic trends across the whole world. In this report which is entitled as Global Trends 2030 also indicates about the best and the worst scenarios in coming years. The whole team put its maximum efforts to generate the report on reality basis by 2030.

Talking about the best scenario, according to Think Tanks of US Government, almost two-thirds population of the whole world will start to live in cities by 2030. They also amazed about the middle class who would definitely outnumber to others by 2030. People would be able to get direct access to technology and to the advanced health care.

They further describe as many countries will learn how to link with each other to tackle their problems. They also throw light on China which is not included in the given list will start to cooperate with USA to lead the way. But, undoubtedly, this time it seems as china would lead the entire world in next coming years but report is presenting something else.

They also highlight to worst case aspects of the whole world, according to Think Tanks of US Government, rising population may lead to high conflict over food and water. Especially they point out to Middle East and Africa in their research and according to them instability may lead to economic collapse in those countries. They also have showed to China at next level than USA by 2022 but with the conditioned maintenance of China’s GDP.

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