The Sikh Repents on decision of Migration

During partition, the Sikh community was also the major part of the Sub-continent who was very active in the movement of freedom. They also played very important role with two other nations to get rid from English rulers. During migration, when people started to migrate to their relative areas where they had more protection, then Sikh people started to attack on the people especially on Muslims. Train incidents are very renowned due to its ferocity.

Actually before the chapter of partition, the Sikh and the Muslim were considered very close to each other. So they were used by the opponents of Muslims against the people who were started to come in Pakistan from other parts of sub-continent. In trains, they attacked brutally and nobody left alive during their activities. One train arrived in Lahore in which only one baby was alive. So there are number of stories of their brutalities which they had done during partition.

When two Sikh-men invited by one private channel of Pakistan, they came and interviewed by Hassan Nissar. When anchor person asks both of them what they have their thinking about the offer which was made by Quaid-e-Azam Muahammad Ali Jinnah. As Quaid-e-Azam gave offer to the Sikh Leaders to stay here in Pakistan but they did not accept it and became the part of India with their whole community.

One of Sikh said that they had their thinking about their safety as they definitely would have thought that they would be safe there in India but it could not be proved true unfortunately. He also added that Sikh people also put first their religion not the country. So he said the decision of their elders would be better for that time but not for this time.

The Second Sikh speaks and said that it would be the better decision if they decided to live in Pakistan as we have faced too many losses while living in Indian. Nobody in the Sikh community forget the incident of Golden Temple in which numbers of people lost their lives. The Sikh people knows very well that they are not able to live without coming in Pakistan as they have many sacred shrines in Pakistan.

Numbers of people of Sikh community come in Pakistan from India to go in their sacred shrines. They rank Pakistan at high level as the Muslim people give respect to Makkah and Madina. During interview, they recalled the sayings of Jinnah as he said that after getting freedom they were again going in the slavery of the Hindu Community. He endorsed the sayings of Jinnah with open heart.

Sikh admits their fault during Partition

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