The Most Sacred Place of Muslims under Attack

Pakistan Army once spared Khana Kaba, the holiest place in the sacred city Makkah, in 1979 when a gathering of activists drove by Juhaiman ibn Muhammad ibn Saif al Utaibi seized Khana Kaba for two weeks. The activists assaulted the holiest place at the season of Fajr Prayer on twentieth November, 1979 and a few pioneers were taken prisoners.

It was stunning news for Islamic world when the Grand Mosque Khana Kaba was seized by the activists and amid that procedure a few watchmen lost their lives in cross terminating. It was the second time when gore happened on the blessed ground of Grand Mosque and travelers were taken prisoners on Hajj.

Abdullah Hamid Mohammed Al-Qahtani was the pioneer of aggressors and he was the person who called the Muslims to obey him as savior of Islam. Juhaiman ibn Muhammad ibn Saif al Utaibi, who drove the seizure of Holy Kaba, announced his brother by marriage as deliverer of Islam and betrayed managing Al-Saud administration.

The Saudi government attempted to recover Grand Mosque however couldn’t get accomplishment for two weeks and lost a few troops in the operation too. The aggressors assemble conveyed sharp shooters and expert marksmen at key spots of Grand Mosque to prevent any sort of strike from Saudi troops. The lives of a large number of explorers were at hazard also.

Makkah Haram Sharif

In the wake of getting authorization General Zia-ul-Haq picked couple of extremely able SSG Commandos from Pakistan Army and sent them to Saudi Arabia. The leader of SSG commandos made an extremely splendid procedure against the activists which worked truly well for them. SSG commandants were conveyed on the ground of Grand Mosque from helicopters and pushed the expert marksmen and aggressors towards cellar.

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