The Great Muhammad Ali of Louisville City

This boxer floated like a butterfly and used to sting like a bee. Today we are going to have a look on the life of Muhammad Ali who was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville city in the state of Kentucky. His birth name was Cassius Clay Jr. and he was at 12 years of age when he introduced himself in boxing ring. He soon began to train and participated in several amateur boxing matches.

After winning several Golden Gloves titles, Muhammad Ali won the light heavy weight Gold Medal in 1967 Olympics. Throughout the 1960s, Clay began to grab the attention with his frequent victories and regular knock outs. During this period, he defeated notable boxers such as Henry Cooper, Dough Jones and Archie Moore.

He also developed the fighting style that depends on his speed especially that of his using feet. In 1964, Muhammad Ali got an unexpected victory against current heavy weight champion Sonny Liston. At the age of 22, he became the youngest boxer to take world heave weight title from the reigning champion. He also said some words as he said he was the king of the world and he took up the world.

In 1964, Clay announced his membership with the nation of Islam and adopted the name Muhammad Ali. In the same year, Ali refused to serve in the US army. In the next year, he won a rematch with Liston by knock out and he won several more titles after fighting with George Chuvalo, Brian London and many more renowned fighters. There were few other notable fights during his time and most of the notable was with Cleveland Williams in 1966 which was won by Muhammad Ali.

Later that year, Ali was found guilty of refusing induction into the US army. He was subsequently stripped from his boxing titles and had his professional licenses suspended. He said whatever the punishment and whatever the persecution he had to face but he would not leave the religion Islam. As the year went, by opposition the war began to grow while his case was on appeal but certain states and boxing commissions allowed him to fight.

After getting permission, Muhammad Ali got too many victory stands and fought number of matches. After getting retirement from his profession, he was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome disease few years later but he remained active in civic and humanitarian projects following his retirement. So it is necessary to mention, the Great Muhammad Ali defeated every top heavy weight fighter in his era.

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