The Great Conqueror of Constantinople

Constantinople was considered as a most strategic renowned city of Byzantine Empire which is now entitled with the name of Istanbul, the famous City of Turkey. It is very famous due to its crossroads position between two continents named Europe and Asia.

To conquest Constantinople, Muslims commanders had their dreams as they had some sayings from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about Constantinople. According to Prophet (PBUH) sayings the commander who will conquer the Constantinople would be consider the best with his whole army around the world. So numbers of Commanders tried to conquer Constantinople in the time of Hazrat Muawiya but could not be succeeded.

The commander who conquered City Constantinople named Muhammad Al Faatih, the successor of seventh Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II. That great conqueror was born in 1429 and got the throne at the age of 22. He not only got the education of his religion but also got command in Military Sciences, Math, History and Geography.

After studying the whole pattern of Muhammad Al Faatih strategy, it seemed as he had his first and most wanted aim to conquer Constantinople City. He planned very well and built a fort like boundary between Europe and Asia which was a part of war strategy to conquer Constantinople. At that time, he also gave order to make world’s largest cannons which had ability to get its targets more than 16 km.

Muhammad Al Faatih’s attack on city Constantinople was comprised of 50 days that was started on 9th April 1453. As the great Commander seized the whole European support by building that Bosporous so the opponents had no supply from there and Sultan Muhammad Al Faatih to attack on the other side as ships transported all the other resources to win this game.

So it was 29th of May when the Great Commander gave order to his cannon men to strike hard on city walls and so they obeyed the orders and shook the whole Byzantine Empire. Then he entered as a conqueror and did true his dream to have victory on this very important City. After establishing his feet in Constantinople, he laid down of schools in which education of both secular and religious aspects started to deliver strongly.

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