The Best Comedian Umar Sharif in Award Shows

Umar Sharif is very renowned comedian and has become the part of numbers of award shows. He also has become the part of many award shows that belong to other countries. He also has got the chance to attend so many Indian Award Shows in which he has been invited with respect.

Once he was invited in one of famous private TV channel of Pakistan in which he told about the supremacy of Indian actors. He told the host that he had felt the same environment of Indian film industry as he was facing in Pakistan. He also shared some back stage environment of Bollywood.

According to him, when he was going on stage on his turn it was asked him to say nothing about the Amitabh. He further told as it was also requested lot of time during the meetings not to do anything with Amitabh. He said to the host he became curious after listening all this only about the Amitabh.

He said when he got microphone on stage he firstly pointed to Amitabh which was very shocking for all sitting people. According to him, Amitabh himself was not expecting for this as he never had this experience before in Indian Award Shows. There were many celebrities sitting there in that award show.

It often happened as celebrities get criticize by the stage anchor as he did with Amitabh Bachan in Indian Award Shows and all around the world. He asked Amitabh and Dharmendra to say one dialogue of their best moive Sholay. Umar Sharif also say one dialogue of late Amjad Khan which was later deleted.


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