Tennis Star Sania Mirza in Show of Celebrities

The world of Celebrities is totally far and away from the reality. It does not mean as they live at another corner of the world and the rest of the world at another. Off course, they live in our community and also use the same style of living as others but when they enter in their glamorous world they forget everything regarding their previous life even an hour back.

According to some analysts as they have very unique life while living in their own circle where they are being praised from everywhere. They even never listen any unwanted sounds and live like kings and princes. People know them like super stars and with different wonderful names as they want. People also love to see them, love to talk with them and love to spend their times with them.

One day life of any celebrity is sometimes considers equal to the whole life of any common person. Common person never gets that facilities in his whole life which celebrities get in their one day. This is the big difference between the celebrity and the common man.

Talking about the present situation in which media has got too much extensions from every point of view and has encircled everybody’s life around the world, it also has given booms to these celebrities. They are covered by the different media channels around the world whenever they want. Media also want to cover them to increase their ratings.

Going back to our main topic about the unwished sounds which they get from the crowd, it is the event of very renowned tennis star named Sania Mirza. During her interview she expressed somewhat curious expressions about the sounds which she listen whenever she comes in Pakistan. Everybody knows  about her she is being called as “Bhabi” in Pakistan due to the wife of Shoaib Malik.

According to her, she feels little bit strange after listening the word “Bhabi” and, in reality, she did not want to listen that word. It is not the peculiar wish which she want as all celebrities do not want to listen those words during their professional careers. So if she does not want to be called as “Bhabi” so we should not call her with this word.

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