Teachers are started to disrespect their profession

In Faisalabad, there was one gathering of educators who instructed to female understudies taekwondo battle in various female schools and colleges. As indicated by reports, this gathering was extremely dynamic in various instructive organizations for preparing taekwondo battling to young ladies. They likewise had confirmation to show taekwondo battles in schools and colleges.

The entire procedure was going exceptionally smooth when suddenly one matter lack of respect of understudy young lady emerged. As per her, the educator of taekwondo was begun to extort due to having some questionable pictures. The young lady was mistreated and couldn’t talk well.

At the point when administration of instructive organization made choice to take move against those taekwondo instructors, it was discovered they were not proficient educators but rather blackmailers. They had numerous offensive pictures of various understudies that were taken when they got their preparation from them.

Firstly they compelled to female understudies to have extramarital relations else they began to coerce by pictures. When this news spread in regions, the guardians began to dissent to stop these exercises in the schools and colleges. Guardians likewise faulted to administration of instructive organizations as they didn’t check their expert accreditation from the having a place establishments.

The casualty understudies were extremely anxious and appeared to be secured about their future as they had bundle of pictures of various female understudies. The administration requesting that they be fulfilled and assumed liability to get all frightful material from them and to blaze. They additionally ensured as they could never be prodded from that gathering in future.

As indicated by reports, there was a gathering who got confirmation of taekwondo preparing from some place and began to show taekwondo battles to understudies. When they get well known in their groups they began to take snaps of young ladies on various events. In the wake of getting the snaps, they began to extort to their understudies.

When a few pictures went ahead air, it opened the entire matter of their preparation of taekwondo. After examination, it was discovered they additionally had unlawful affirmation of taekwondo. Instructive foundations ought to cross check the reports of their workers who educate to understudies. On the off chance that they checked their archives, this matter could never happen.


So casualty understudies additionally got confirmation from the administration as they would not get any issues from these individuals later on. Guardians likewise challenge these gatherings and power to administration to stop these exercises in schools and colleges.

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