Tattoo-Artist of California Drinks Blood

Tattoo-Artist of California has been drunk too much blood in past ten years as if she accumulates that blood it could fill the 23 bathtubs. Michelle is the name of that girl of California, USA. She narrates she starts to feel headaches and becomes irritable if she do not have her daily dose of blood. Same is the case or that person who is addicted to have coffee early in the morning and gets mad after not having cup of coffee in his daily routine life.

People around the world do very weird things, they get obsessed with closer objects and they like to eat deodorants and many more. But this Tattoo-Artist of California surprised me lot with her addiction to drink animal blood including even human blood. It will be very disturbing to me if I have one glass of freshly blood in the morning instead of my daily routine orange juice glass.

The persons who donate their own blood must have some precautionary measurements in the form of medical and life insurance. As it would be helpful to have insurance measurements but the problem also stands as insurance companies also investigate with their own ways. Insurance companies get satisfaction about its customers as they have not involved in any illegal activities and want to make profit being customer of insurance companies.

Tattoo-Artist of California tells that she cannot pass even a single day without drinking blood. She adds that only blood of human did not complete her addiction as she has to consume every week about 36 litres blood of pig plasma. She says she has one-time party of human blood in a week as it is difficult to find rather than other animals.

According to Tattoo-Artist of California, she gets cravings like someone become mad with his or her addiction. She likes to have drinking while reading books, painting and relaxing. Michelle also prefers to cook her daily edible things with the blood. She likes to mix it in soups and gets an extraordinary taste to drink. She used the blood of pig to beef and it gives a taste of somewhat saltier as of wine.

Above all, the most astonishing thing about her, she has ability to tell the difference between the blood of man and woman after licking the blood. According to that girl of California, she uses one of her friend named John for human blood without distrust of any health problem as she can trust over him. Michelle tells in the end, she always has priority to human blood over animal blood but she does not categorize herself in vampires.

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