Switzerland Gets Top Position

In the recent Gallup survey by the institution of United Nations named Sustainable Development Solutions Network announces Switzerland at top position in the list of top ten happiest countries. While Europe is not going to be considered economically well but it has world happiest nation in rest of the world. The report about the top ten countries based on the global Gallup poll that ask from people for their opinion.

Gallup did survey from 3,000 people from each country and this process was completed in three years and then the institution placed to Switzerland at top. After the Switzerland, Iceland comes at second number followed by Denmark and Norway and amazingly all said countries have its scores between 7.5 and 7.6.

In the next Canada gets its 5th position and Finland remains at 6. Talking about the Netherlands that ranks at 7th position followed by Sweden, New Zealand and Australia respectively. The USA falls at the 15th position that is also behind Mexico that is one step forward from USA at 14th position. According to the global Gallup poll, all top ten countries were not included in top ten of 2013.

Talking about the Switzerland which is the most famous country in the world due to its beauty and also well known due to its tourism. There are number of beautiful places for tourists to visit in Switzerland. Switzerland not a big country but encircles all professions from rustic alpine meadows to banks. It has abundance of lakes which add the scenic magnificence.

Switzerland is blessed with Interlaken which is a popular resort town in west Switzerland and also known due to its breezy mountain air with spa treatments.  The Moch, the Jungfrau and the Eiger are the majestic mountains of Swiss that can be viewed easily from Interlaken. Being there, one must try raclette edible dish which is prepared from cheese.

Talking about the rankings done by Sustainable Development Solutions Network, they add that the global recession has affected the happiness of people around the world. But they also point out the countries which have moved forward like Nicaragua, Ecuador and Zimbabwe. On the other hand, Italy, Greece and Egypt are negative ones.

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