Switzerland Achieves Milestone

Sustainable Development Solutions Network is the institution of United Nations which declares Switzerland the World’s top happiest country in its latest global Gallup poll. Europe again remains at top position in order to give best facilities to its citizens as the whole Europe has been faced bad economic recession in recent time. They asked about 3000 people from each country to have their opinion and they completed the task in three years.

USA does not exist in the list of top countries. It is ranked at 15th position after the position of Mexico. Iceland and Denmark are rated at 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Norway, Canada and Finland get their position of 4th, 5th and 6th respectively. Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia are placed at 7, 8, 9 and 10 number respectively. The most amazing thing about these counties as all countries were not included in top ten ranking of 2013.

If we talk about Switzerland so it is considered as blessed country around the world. Switzerland is blessed with the city named Lausanne which is second largest city and situated at Lake Geneva. Lausanne City is considered the best gateway for skiing slopes in the rest of world. This city is taken as ideal blend for holiday resort. Number of tourists visited here in this Olympic capital each year.

Geneva is also part of Switzerland which one must explore through bike or by having a boat ride on Lake Geneva. Geneva city is undoubtedly multifaceted in which one can get everything what one can expect from a metropolis. The tourism industry of Geneva city brought the people at point to realize its uniqueness and creativity concept.

Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland and is a home to over 50 museums. The people who love culture and art must visit in Zurich city. You can also indulge yourself in boating on Lake Zurich or hiking in its nearby mountains or clubbing all night in the city’s best clubs. Swiss National Museum is that entity which located in a fairytale castle and reflects Switzerland’s cultural history.

The culture of Switzerland country reflects in Swiss National Museum which is situated in fairytale castle. The city Zermatt is located in close proximity of Matterhorn that is the highest mountain of Switzerland. It is well known due to its skiing and mountaineering aspects with having views of heaven for snow lovers. This is all what makes this country rich and the government spend more and more on its citizens to provide facilities. So that’s why citizen are more than any other country rest of the world.

Switzerland Gets Top Position

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