Surinder Kaur Kalra from India Got Talent

New Delhi: Youngster who got talent to bend his body very easily like professionals named Surinder Kaur Kalra from India. This lad has jolted not only the whole Indian audience but also rest of the world especially those ones who are attached to this field. It is quite impossible to rotate the body like this Indian Youngster without professional training. He belongs to a Sikh family from Ludhiana, the historical city of India.

One private Indian channel has introduced this Indian to the Indian audience. On asking about his mother about his talent, she tells, “the whole family had judged him at the age of 11 when he started to twist his arms, neck, legs, back including the whole body like professionals”.

When Surinder Kaur Kalra gives interview to private channel, he claims that he has ability to rotate his head at 180 degrees along with his arms at 360 degrees. He did not stop after doing all those previous said abilities, he has also gifted from God to dislocate his shoulders. Furthermore, he can bend his whole body to extreme front as well as to extreme back end as you can see in the given clip.

Surinder Kaur Kalra can even walk while back bending and can do many other tricks with his body which is impossible for a common person. He also has intention to appear on the show named Indian Got Talent and he is preparing his body to perform even in better ways. He wants to become Celebrity of his country.

Surinder Kaur Kalra further speaks about the positive behavior which he gets from his schoolmates just like Superstar as he got the name of “Rubber Man in India”. He claims that he never ever feels any pain or discomfort while doing all these actions as he says it has become his hobby.

In the end, Surinder Kaur Kalra shows his ambition to become the most popular person in India as well as in the whole world. He wants to get more talent in his field with enhancement in his body movements. He cherishes to become the most talented man in his field in the whole world.

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