Superhydrophobic coating with its features

Superhydrophobic coating is defined as a nanoscopic surface layer which repels water which is easily made with different elements. The most frequent elements which are used to make this superhydrophobic coating are Zinc oxide polystyrene in nano-composite form, oxide polystyrene, precipitated calcium carbonate, carbon nano-tube structure and Silica nano-caoting.

Silica-based coating is known as a simplest form in which gel-based composition is formed and is considered very easy to use due to composition. Object can be dipped in its solution or sprayed on the object by using this gel. On contrary, oxide polystyrene composition is taken as more durable and easy to use rather than gel-based coating.

If we talk about the use of oxide polystyrene which is too much costly in its essence rather than silica-based gels, so users prefer to use silica gel. Off course the use of silica gel is more viable option with its amazing results. This form of applications of superhydrophobic coating has brought revolutionary changes in industrial sector.

In industrial sector, the superhydrophobic coating has its wonderful results in the process of ultra-dry surface applications. A very thin layer of air has been produced on the top surface by using the superhydrophobic coating. It is also found on plant leaves mostly on Lotus leaf so it is also found in nature. By using this superhydrophobic coating in the form of spray on object, things become resistant to water easily.

This coating is very anti-icing and anti-corrosive which helps to keep things clean and it is also used to guard girds and circuits. This coating also has its worth in the maritime industry where it plays significant role to keep things away from corrosive actions of different elements.

Skin friction and fuel efficiency are also increased with the use of superhydrophobic coating. It also helps in ship’s hull by decreasing corrosion and stops organisms to grow which prove fatal for maritime industry. This technology is also used in textile, surgical tools and medical equipment.

Amazing effects of superhydrophobic coating

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