Superb way to have desired Match for Wedding

To get perfect match for their daughters and sons for wedding purpose has been become the great problem in these days especially for those who cannot say good bye to their cultures and rituals. People who are living in western countries they have full options to do anything else but the people of subcontinent cannot disobey it easily. In the western countries and USA people do not get too much serious in the matter of wedding ceremonies as the people of sub-continent.

To obey the rules and regulations of rituals and cultures does not belong to sub-continent only but also in the whole world wherever it does matter. It is all about the society and community generated principles that are being applied on the people’s life and they are bound to obey those rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are sometimes help the people’s life and sometimes may disturb the life but overall it does not prove fatal.

Given clip is also reflecting the situation as described above, one rich person calls some young boys for selecting purpose for her daughter wedding. So there are four young men come in his office and started to wait. In the meantime, one girl come in the room and asks them about their purpose to come and then go back. One man out of four proves very clever from all of them as he come in the office he started to watch around the room.

At once, when he saw on the wall of the room, there were four pictures attached to the wall of the room which were the pictures of elders of wedding girl. So he gets up and goes in the wash room and starts to shave his head and his mouth completely as he sees the pictures of wedding girl elders.

The whole story gets its climax when that young man comes in the room again and others again get shocked as his whole face and head looks fully shaved. They all get surprised after seeing his new look. In general, the concept is very common about the young males as they want to look gorgeous with full clean shave face but having hair on his head.

But here the whole story seems different as that smart boy has understood the game and he wants to get that girl at any cost. So he adopted the same style as wedding girl’s father had and his whole elders had adopted. So when the father of wedding girl come in the room he selects that guy on his first glance and asked them to others good bye with thanks.


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