Suleman Mirza Surprises Everyone in England

England: Britain’s Got Talent is such a super hit show which is created by Simon Cowell and directed by Jonathan Bullen. This show was started on June 9, 2007 and now it seems that it will never end. In its first season, there were three judges named Simon Cowell, Amenda Holden and Piers Morgan. This show is being hosted by Anthony David McPartlin and Declan Joseph Oliver Donnelly. To get the talent from England, the management decided to go city to city.

The unique quality of this talent show that keeps it up in everyone’s mind is that anyone regardless of age can appear in this show having any sort of talent. For the contestants who take part in this show it is mandatory to perform in auditions in front of judges as well as live audience. The live audience always belongs to different cities across the United Kingdom.

In first series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2007, the auditions of all applicants taken from different cities of England like London, Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff. Paul Potts was the winner of first series who was the opera singer.

Britain’s Got Talent in its second series changed the pattern of auditions in which they decided to move from England to Scotland for auditions. This series was lasted for seven weeks which was considering for one week. This time the winner was street dancer named George Sampson.

All series of Britain’s Got Talent are very famous and received a lot of attention of the people not only in England but also all over the world. Simon Cowell and Amenda Holden are the names who are still serving to this show with their judging qualities but Piers Morgan had left this show after 2010 series.

All three judges in Britain’s Got Talent were also very glad to see his performance especially the awesome entry of Suleman’s Sikh partner on Punjabi song. This combination doubled the amusement and judges liked their strategy too much.

Neil Rey is the contestant of Britain’s Got Talent who performed in front of judges and the live audience. He selected the dance steps like Michael Jackson on Punjabi song with his Sikh co partner. He surprised everyone not only those who were sitting in the hall but also across the whole people of England. The audience could not stop to praise him and they got stand up and liked his effort.


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