Stunning Action of Wildlife in South Africa

Few months back, there was an epic battle was recorded by tourists in Kruger national park of South Africa between two fierce wild animals. This wildlife battle created a buzz not only in the surroundings of South African but also around the world as this video clip got viral after its releasing in social media. It was quite a different fight in its essence as one lion had to run after having fierce battle with buffalo.

It was very fresh morning when one 52 year old father with his 16 year old son went in the Kruger National Park of South Africa. They went there to see wildlife especially African lions. African lions are very famous due to their unique nature. When they reached in the middle of its way they saw very amazing fight between two wild animals, African lion and buffalo. They specially arranged their tour to Africa as they cherished to have such epic scene in front of their eyes.

In these two wild animals, one was their favorite so they saw one African lion was fighting with one buffalo. But this time, the scenario was entirely changed and it was shocking for both father and son. Actually one lion attacked on one wild animal (buffalo) for his breakfast but it was quite big than lion so lion struggled for 45 minutes to get his prey down.

At the same time, lion was totally shocked when lion was attacked by another wild animal (buffalo) who had reached there to save his friend’s life. As lion already had consumed his energy to get down his first prey so it was impossible to fight with the same passion with new one. So lion did not lose heart in the first part of fight but he had to run when he saw another buffalo coming to him.

This whole video was recorded by the tourists in Kruger national park of South Africa. In the video one can easily see as African lion was sent into air up to 5 meter during fight. So it was an amazing scene for the viewers as people arranged tour to Africa just to see these scenes. Both father and son enjoyed a lot and upload this video on social media.

According to the management both wild animals remained save and did not get any severe injury. People from around the world arrange their tour to Africa as this territory is full of natural beauty with wild animals’ park. People love to see African lions and other wild animals arranged tour to African countries as these countries are famous about wildlife.


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