Story of Upside Down Head Boy

Claudia is the man who is living with remarkable incapacity. When some new correspondents were covering his entire life battle they got some information about the infection. He said he has not seen anyone in therapeutic field who can let him know about his genuine malady. He needs to think about the reason as why he is confronting this living style.

As indicated by specialists, he was conceived with great instance of intrinsic mutation. When you saw the given video you would see as he has legs which are seriously defaulted with his arms that are of little utilize. His vertebral segment has much contortion that is tilted in reverse so extremely.

As per that cripple individual specialists said to his folks as their youngster wound not be lived over 24 hours. Be that as it may, he is living with every one of his distortions and even has no issue to move. He is sound and his body parts are likewise developing similarly as it can.

Having enormous deformation, he didn’t give careful consideration on it and appears to be placated with his current condition. His folks firstly had their routine for his normal checkup however after here and there they likewise halted to do as such.

As indicated by his folks, he never contempted by anybody and he himself has a solid self control. He never surrenders and is running his life like whatever other sound individual. He likewise on account of his folks who never give him any sentiment being an extraordinary tyke. They generally treat him similarly like their other kids.


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