Stomach Pain resulted into Laying Eggs

Talking about one person of Indonesia who once felt stomach pain in 1998 for the first time and started to lay eggs and story started until now which never seems to be ended. The sounds are very strange and someone starts to think about something crazy after listening this whole story but it all is true without any doubt.

Scientifically, medical science is still helpless to give proof of this kind of disease in its history as some doctors call it unique medical disease in which the fluid inside the stomach transforms into hard egg form after some time. When he firstly went to doctors for his checkup they gave him answer after having detail checkup.

The whole process of laying eggs started from stomach pain which was very curious to him. Firstly, when he saw his unique condition he decided to keep it as secrete but it could not remain as secret as he wanted. When his friends got the information about his unique disease they could not keep it as secrete. According to that Indonesian person, he did not want to disclose his disease but failed.

Initially, when this news got viral around the city and afterward in the country people got crazy about to see this person. They wanted to see that person who came up with very unique disease. There were also some cases reported earlier like this one and surprisingly they all were belonged to Indonesia. After all, one thing that comes in mind what he eats which turns into egg in stomach.

When it talks about the reality about this unique disease or something else, people could not get any report from any medical research center. Some medical experts have given their opinion about this disease which is only considered hypothesis not the fact. So this medical disease in not yet confirmed by medical science.

So this person left all medical community in wonder and shocking situation as this discussion has been started on this new medical issue. Sometimes, people do these activities just to get attention from the world and want to become limelight but they have no reality in their claims. Now this man’s stomach pain has uplifted him in the list of celebrity and is being treated as famous personality.

Man who started to lay eggs

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