Start of New Era between India and China

New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now on his way to start a new era between India and China by taking bold and positive steps to take his country at height of success. He also invited all leaders of SAARC countries on his inaugural ceremony. Undoubtedly, there are optimistic feelings to stand its country at the level of summit and to get breakthrough by wiping out the quagmire in South Asia. Modi’s administration needs to have equal approach to all countries including Northeast Asia named South Korea, Japan, China and North Korea.

Very interesting to note, it seems, Modi is no more a prisoner of his stance on which he stood in opposition and further during election campaign. He remarked several disputed comments about Pakistan and China when he was on his election campaign. Now he seems to have different mindset and, perhaps, wants to develop better relations to next level in South Asia.

On the other hand, China is also very keen to know the real stance of India regarding its diplomacy with China. Chinese Prime Minister also made a phone call to Modi over his success in recent elections and also aspirated to have robust relations with New Delhi. Off course, it is a big move from China side toward India as Modi administration is also seeking for this gesture. Furthermore Modi also mentioned and relate the long relation with its country citing the visit of Chinese scholar Hiuen Tsang who came in India in seventh century.

Apart from all this, Chinese Foreign Minister also made visit in India in June 2014. To strengthen the developing relation more vigorously with India, the President of China also uplifted the stature of India with his recent visit in October 2014. After having a visit in India from Chinese President and the wish of Modi to do the same, nevertheless, too many apprehensions are considering due to the coming variables in the economic and security matters in South Asia.

Setting all issues aside, both countries should have agreements to develop the relation in more positive manner to empower each other. The cooperation between two countries must be widened at large and articulated in number of professions to become the leading countries in South Asia. Adding this, this bilateral cooperation will provide a better stronghold to both countries in the region and South Asia as well.

In fact, Chinese relation with Japan is not at best level due to some chronic reasons and China wants to sustain its assertiveness in the region by having good relations with regional neighbors. In this regard, China has given some examples in South and East China Seas that are fairly instructive. Now it totally depends on Delhi’s administration how they deal with this Chinese behavior to grab this opportunity to elevate the stature of India in the world.

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