Southern Brazil Struck Horribly with Spider Rain

It was the Southern Brazil in which spiders started to descend like raining style. Erick Reis who was the first one by which this miracle like incident was reported to a private channel. That lad was enjoying the party of engagement of his friend and when he was on his way back to his home. He was surprised to see the activity of spider in such way in the sky. At that time, only the spiders were in the space of sky that could be seen with naked eye.

The people of Southern Brazil were never seen the spiders in such way as spidres were busy to move up and down and making the web. Watchers were being very much surprised after seeing the curious activities of spiders. The video of spiders that was made by watchers got viral on internet portals and draw the attention of professionals and experts. After passing some duration, they could not stop themselves to jump into this matter.

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Experts after identification gave these spiders the name of rare species called as Anelosimus eximius. According to them, these species are found in trees during daytime and after passing the time of noon, they started to trap the insects by making web. Another biologist who has passed specialization in this field, she said spiders often worked like this way to trap their prey so it was not the emblem of worrisome.

She further described about this phenomenon as it was not an abnormal procedure as it occurred in different cities of Sao Paulo, Brazil. These species of spiders are very renowned due to its social behavior. Spiders have about 40,000 species that have been discovered by entomologist till now. Only some species are famous to human beings in the world like bees and aunts.

Another entomologist also jumped into this subject and claimed that these species of spiders could not be related to Anelosimus eximius. She talked about this issue after having the view of that video which got viral around the world. In the video one can easily observe that these spiders are very sturdy and large in its body size.

She claimed that Anelosimus Eximius does not seem like sturdy and bulky shape but have some smaller body size. The second opinion was entirely opposite from the formers as she said A. Eximius have not much ability to survive in Southern Brazil. Another archaeologist also supported to her sayings and told another feature of these species as they have not ability to spread but have ability to make web in communal ways.

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