South Korea with its Foreign Policy

The incumbent head of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, is responsible of having his state in impasse regarding foreign relations in East Asia. The former President Lee Myung-bak had his intention to have relations with its alliance at priority level including US but could not maintain its statement by rejecting China. In the beginning Park Geun-hye had an intention to cross the dead line by balancing this tilt. He had made efforts to have the bilateral relations and also made his first official visit to China giving importance to foreign policy between these both countries. Undoubtedly, it was in reality an insightful move. Furthermore, South Korean current administration again emphasized to start the positive negotiation with North Korea to correct the previous hard-line policies. It was the best way to calm North Korea by engaging it in consequential dialogue to bring the peace in Korean peninsula.

Though, South Korean administration shows itself more positive towards dialogue in the beginning but it always does not pursue the same pace as they show in first. In other words, it always emphasis on the rhetoric speeches but less in content. South Korea also involved Chinese government in its matter to resolve the existing problems with North Korea. China also demands with South Korea to help in ongoing objections from Japan’s forceful behavior.

On the other hand, South Korea was being expected from China not to become the partner with US in strategic point of view in East Asia. As South Korea has become the part of US THAAD missile defence system with US in the region. South Korea has also announced that it would not be involved in the operational command during war-time up to 2020s. This act of South Korea forced China to reconsider its relations with North Korea by activating its foreign ambassador in North Korea.

The incumbent South Korean government did not seem serious too much to resolve its issues with its neighbors. Although its administration is trying to change its behavior regarding foreign policy but in vain and it is going to be considered relevant to the previous government policies.

South Korean administration is somewhat reluctant to get dialogue with North Korea at pragmatic level. They are waiting for first gesture from North Korean that seems to be difficult. On the other hand, in the meeting of Presidential Committee for Unification Preparation, this summit also decided to wait for negotiation with North Korean. Actually South Korean administration wants to have roots in its domestic audience to have strong reason to move forward regarding her foreign policy.

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