Some Unique findings about Dajjal

When Dajjal would come out from his island where he is living according to some hadith, he would have about 70,000 Jews followers of Isfahan (Iran/Persia) which would be covered with Persian Shawls. There are also rumors as numbers of countries from eastern side are getting prepared to receive Dajjal as their Master and well wisher.

Talking about the countries in eastern areas, Kazakhstan is one of those whose government has built the huge building with the name of Masonic Towers in Astana and this building appearance resembles with the Dajjal’s marks. It is not enough even Saudi Royal Family is also supporting in this movement as by some analysts, they have many symbols in the society of Saudi Arabia which they have injected.

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If we talk about the badge of Police of Saudi Arabia one can easily find that main mark of eye which is mostly attributed to Dajjal and that mark on uniform of Police of Saudi Arabia is totally looked similar to that eye-mark of Dajjal. There is also one crown shown in the uniform which is placed on that eye-mark. There are many thing noticed in Saudi Arabia that seems close to arrival of Dajjal.

According to some critics, who have noticed Kingdom Tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, they are building it only for Dajjal which will be completed in 2018. It has been announced the tallest one building around the world. Undoubtedly, Dajjal will definitely try to reside in Saudi Arabia but would not be succeeded as mentioned in hadith.

According one of famous hadith, when Dajjal would come in Madina with the intention to enter in it but it would be impossible for him to enter. So according to the sayings of Prophet (PBUH) he would encamp close to Madina City and would wait for his companions who would come out and meet with him when Madina would shake thrice.

According to analysts, when it will happen thrice a time, all non-believer and hypocrite would come out and join him as a companion. There is also one big building is being built on that salty structure which was mentioned by Prophet (PBUH) where dajjal would come. This structure is called as Kingdom Palace and locals call it the Palace of Dajjal.

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