Solute to Pakistan Army

The Pakistan Army is one of the best armies in the world. Pakistan army came into existence in 1947 after the independence of Pakistan. Pakistan army involved in three major wars against neighboring country on different issues. It has almost 700,000 active force personnel and in addition there are around 500,000 reserves troops.

Pakistan army has played very important role in civil society of Pakistan since its inception. Former General Jahangir Karamat praised Pakistan armed forces relations with the society. He further narrated that Pak army always remains in their limits in regards with the relation of its society. So nobody can neglect the true relation of Pak army with its true nation because the military is after all is a mirror image of the civil society from which it is drawn.

Army engineers, medical and logistics personnel, and the armed forces played a vital role in bringing relief and supplies in times of natural disaster, such as at the time of devastating floods in 1992 and the horrible earthquake of the October 2005. Pakistan Army has been helping people not only in Pakistan but also in many other countries, such as the relief activities in Bangladesh when it was badly hit by floods.

Pak army also has sent their relief troops to different countries after Tsunami. Both the Pakistan Army and Navy sent ships and helicopters to assist in the tsunami relief operation. In the most recent earthquake in Nepal, Pak army also has sent his special troops for the assistance and playing their significant role to help the needy.

In this hard time when Pak arm is facing the internal civil war for last several years, its personnel try to get some time to enjoy their lives. They spend time together, they sing and dance and try to change their state of mind. Given fabulous clip is indicating that state of mind after performing their high duties and getting some relaxants after seeing wonderful dance of his colleague.

Indeed, Pakistan army has claimed its top position among several army trainings held by USA, UK, AUS in their lands. Despite lack of technology Pakistan army proofs it is not the only technology which always assist in winning the battle ground but the self-determination, motivation and patriotism always does matter to keep itself at first position.

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