Sister of Brett Lee encircles by Media

Recently, Shoaib Akhtar came in one of famous media channel and delivered statement as usual which became very viral in little time. Shoaib Akthar a very famous figure in sport sector and everybody knows him very much as a successful cricketer. He placed himself at world’s top level through his bowling speed and broke the world’s top cricket team’s back bones through his bowling speed.

Shoaib Akthar still has his name in the list of fastest bowler list at top which has been placed in 2003 Cricket World Cup against England. He also considers in the list of those cricketers who become famous very soon and get the attention of media within no time. When he came in cricket he got too much fame due to his bowling speed and dangerous bowling actions.

Matthew Haddin, one of Australian batsman, in his interview he said he was afraid once and it was Shoaib Akhtar who did this with his bowling style and speed. When Shoaib Akhtar  was retired he got more fame all around the world due to his unique bowling style. He also has lot of fan following in India and Indian citizen like him very much due to his professionalism.

Shoaib Akhtar is also one of those cricketers who also has his influence in Bollywood and many of times he has been appeared in Indian Media with Bollywood actors. He receives always too much response from Indian cricket body as he always be there either at the time of CWC or IPL. He is always seen on the front benches with Indian commentators and other officials.

Shoaib Akthar also got too much respect when he comes back at home and media turns their cameras towards him and always try to find out new one big news from him. He is also considered very outspoken personality as he has delivered disputed statements against Akmal Brother which was later rejected by many other famous personalities and they condemned him badly.

So when he came back he was covered by one of big media channel and they call him at his first program. He went there and again proved himself as he cannot be changed. Shoaib Akhtar delivers very nonsensical statement about his wife when it was asked about his wife she is too old than you. It was very interesting to listen if you want to listen what he said just see the given video.

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