Sikh Youngster Got Talent in India

An incredible ability to turn his body towards all sides at extreme position is not easy to get this talent for fifteen years old. This Sikh Youngster in India not only has stunned to all his country people but also the whole world. To rotate the body towards all body angles is considered a big task even for the professionals as this Sikh youngster does. People who are related with this field are fully shocked after seeing his performance without any instructor.

Surinder Kaur Kalra is the name of Sikh youngster and belongs to one of historical city of India named Ludhiana. This lad got fame at time when one private channel on aired his whole performances to the people of his country. His mother told to the channel that her son had been judged when he was eleven years old and he put all of us in the state of astonishment with his body movements.

While giving interview to channel, Surinder Kaur Lakra shows them his ability by rotating his body parts towards different angles as he rotates his arms at the angle of 360 degrees and head at 180 degrees without any difficulty. He also showed some of his the most tricks and dislocates his shoulders and bended all his body toward extreme back as well as front end.

Sikh Youngster from Ludhiana also has ability to walk while bending his whole body forward and backward and also gifted with many tricks from God. The one thing that forces all of us to praise him is his ability as he does not learn from anyone from his childhood and performs more than professionals. As he mentions he wants to be a part of Indian Got Talent show and he has diverted all his intentions to achieve the milestone by winning first prize.

Surinder Kaur Kalra from Ludhiana also shares his experiences of his school in what ways his school friends teats him. He is awarded with the title of Rubber Man and also treated as celebrity. He says that his teachers and school mates all feel proud as I am a student of those teachers and is the same case for friends. It gives me a lot of pleasure and I have no bounds of joy.

In the end, he says he wants to be more talented Sikh Youngster in India and more popular as well. He wants to be recalled his name like Sikh Youngster from India as other big celebrities recalled. He is fully interested to adopt this profession and wants to grow in this profession. He will definitely achieve his targets as he has also full support from his family as most people fails to get that support.

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