Sikh admits their fault during Partition

Sikh played their significant role during partition of Sub-continent. They were the third party after the majority of the Hindu and the Muslim in Sub-continent. Before partition, the Sikh people were too much closed to the Muslim and they were living like brothers without having any bad experience in the past. It is also said, in the rural areas, Sikh people did not want to live but they had to leave because of the decision of their leaders.

The big incident of Train that was happened at the time of partition also attributed to Sikh people and they also accepted it what they did in train with Muslim refugees. The train incident not only condemned in the Sub-continent but also all over the world. At that time, Sikh people were abetted for vicious activities especially in trains.

There were many trains in which Sikh people repeated this practice at that time and too many refugees were out of life. When one train was arrived at Lahore station, there was only one female baby alive in that train. So Sikh people were used at the time of partition by the Muslim opponents and after using them, they also turned towards Sikh families with the same action.

Sikh people still come in Pakistan as they have many sacred shrines here and they cannot remain detach from Pakistan. They come here on monthly and yearly basis and also get warm welcome from Muslim sides. They never ever get disturbance from any Muslim people. When two Sikh people invited by one private channel in Pakistan they accepted the invitation without any hesitation.

Hassan Nisar was the anchor of that program and he asked them about the decision what they had done at the time of partition. He also reminded them the offer of Jinnah who had said them to live with the Muslim in the Province Punjab. They said that it was our elders’ decision as they thought that their religion would remain more protected there in India but it has proved wrong.

One of them again said that if we see the present situation then it was not the right decision for all of us. Because the Sikh community also has seen the furious faces of the Hindu people as nobody can forget the incident of Golden Temple. One Sikh also endorsed the sayings of Jinnah as Jinnah said to the Sikh leader that you would remain slaves there in India after getting freedom from English ruler but master will be changed.

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