Side Effects of Pregnancy on Health in early age

According to medical specialist, there are numbers of negative consequences for those parents’ health who get pregnancy at very early age, especially in teenage. These consequences may be short-term and long-term but there are no chances to get emancipation from side effects. According to recent research on teen pregnancy and childbirth, it has very significant impacts on teen parents.

There are only 50 percent teen mothers who are by age 22 which have become able to get diploma of high school. Talking about the (GED) General Education Development, here are only 30 percent mother who have earned that certificate. About  90 percent women are those who are not yet involved in childbirth process and have got school diploma.

Talking about the teen fathers who are 25 to 30 percent at lower probability to get graduate than those teenagers who are not fathers. Actually this ratio of becoming fathers and mothers is directly effecting on the health in both sectors and it is getting very serious condition in developed countries especially in American and Europe.

Talking about the problems and complications which are being faced in many developed countries are many in numbers.  Teen mothers who are involved in this process can become easily the victim of low birth rate, infant mortality, cognitive stimulation and chronic medical conditions. Due to these cases, public money which comes in the form of taxes is going to be spend at vast level.

Where teen mothers got health issues after having pregnancy at very early age, they also start to have many other alarming issues like lower birth weight risk with less level of emotional support. Their children have fever skills and also have less ability to learn after getting admission in kindergarten. They also have issues of behavioral problems and many more.

To support  this content, one example is present in the form of footage in which one girl of 11 year who gets pregnant and gives birth to her baby boy. When this mystery was opened to her she was totally confused and her health started to down day by day. So it was all accidentally but the nobody can finish the consequences the early age pregnancy which she had to bear.

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