Should Bull Fighting be Abolished

One bull behaved like untamed and uncut animal in the bull fighting arena. One petrified bull charges into arena and started to behave like untamed bull. There were numbers of people who come there to see him but that bull jumped into crowd. It were man, woman and children who were come there to see the bull fighting.

It was happened in Mexico City in the famous Plaza De Toros that is the biggest bull ring around the world. There were about 48 thousand people in the stand who were anxiously waiting for Pajarito’s arrival. And then signal was given and Pajarito came in the arena with all of his furry. The whole crowd started to roar after seeing him. That bull was being held in a dark holding cell.

When Pajarito came into the arena of bull fighting, he frightened from the bright light and noise aroused by the big crowed. This bull suddenly get charged and climbed up the wall as a typing pad and flow himself up. The thousand pound bull really jumped onto the cameraman and did crash land into the crowd. No one can remain safe after this biggest accident.

To become rampage of this bull was due to genetic as fighter bulls are entirely different from other bulls. Their main size of body remains standard but their muscles of back legs are too much powerful than others. Due to that extra power, that bull jumped into the crowd which is impossible for normal bulls. But when that bull jumped into crowd, the people got terrified and want to get rid form this.

In the meantime, the bull also want to get back into arena but this time it becomes difficult as bull was stuck in the crowds badly. Then the condition of rampage of that fighting bull comes to an end when it stuck with chairs along with many people.

During this exercise, there were about seven people who were hurt but miraculously no one got severe injuries. Talking about bull fighting, numbers of people believe as this is not appropriate thing for recreation and must be abolished. But the man who raised that bull says it happened only because of the panic condition which was only due to people who were present in large quantity.



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