Short Note on Yajuj wa Ma’juj

Zulqarnain was that kind King or Prophet who restricted Yajuj wa Ma’juj (Gog and Magog) in a wall city to protect other people from their warrior nature. Some Scholars says as Zulqarnain was not Prophet but a kind King but some says as he was the King as well as Prophet. Zulqarnain also had very long life which encircled 200 years.

Talking about Yajuj wa Ma’juj, they had very naughty nature and like to create disturbance among people. Yajuj wa Ma’juj were two tribes who used to live between two big mountains they mostly came out from there in the near colonies and destroyed everything including massacre of human beings. The people who mostly became the target of their tyrannies were the people of Turk nation who lived besides their residences.

When Turk people noticed unimaginable power of King Zulqarnain, they requested to him to emancipate them from these Yajuj wa Ma’juj (Gog and Magog) and offered lot of wealth in return. The very kind King Zulqarnain decided to help the oppressed nation without money. King Zulqarnain decided to cease the path between two big mountains and he did so.King Zulqarnain closed the path of Yajuj wa Ma’juj with big iron plates from both sides of mountain with the help of fire and metal that were used during the whole process.  According to historians, this big wall is present in between black sea and Caspian seas where gigantic mountains are present. The people of these two tribes of Yajuj wa Ma’juj are still trying to break this wall but in vain.

According to some verses of Quran, when the first group of Yajuj wa Ma’juj will pass through Lake Tiberias, they would empty the whole lake from its water when they will start to drink it. So when the last group of them will pass near Lake Tiberias they would say that it may have water in it in past years. They will destroy everything in the world and then target to sky with their arrows and arrows will come back with blood stain. Then they will think as nobody present except themselves neither here nor on the sky.

So the time will come from the will of God of their death and Allah will give order to Hazrat Isa to move at Kohe Toor with his nation as no one will be able to fight those aggressors. So when Hazrat Isa and his nation would finish everything regarding food and other edibles they would pray to God for their help against Yajuj wa Ma’juj and Allah will send small insect towards them that will become the cause of death of Yajuj wa Ma’juj. In this way the world will get rid from those tyrants.


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