Shocking footage Viral on Facebook

One of disturbing and disgusting photograph became viral on Facebook page on September 11, 2013. In the picture, there was on female which was shown having detestable object in her hand while pointing on the baby’s head. It caused a lot of panic for the users of Facebook and for other internet portals.

According to the investigations, it appeared as the image was taken from South American, perhaps Argentina. People who remained attached with internet world got too much disturbed and started to locate the woman with child by sharing the image on different internet portals and Facebook as well.

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They were fully determined as it would help to find the both members who were appeared on the image. Most of the people who saw the picture took as against the child rights and criticized a lot to the female. People also started to make effort on their own just to find out the photo members as soon as possible.

The image that became viral, depicted the woman as she was in early twenties and pointing the detestable object directly towards the boy which was seemed two year old. There was also positive sign in the image as the object was not appearing like real and it gave relief to the people a lot.

Many people left the comment on different internet portals and Facebook as whether it was real or not but extremely detestable and not affordable. They also pointed it as foolish gesture and also hoped for this picture with positive gesture as it may be a picture of mother and child.

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