Shocking Facts about Late Benazir’s Black Berry

Some days before, very senior journalist named Dr Shahid Masood revealed very shocking facts about Benazir’s Black Berry mobile phone.  According to him, it was that mobile phone which was remained in her personal custody and was for her own use.

Dr Shahid Masood shared this information with his co anchor female in which he broke very stunning news about one famous personality. According to him, there was a person who was using her Benazir Black Berry cell phone and called to Gen Ehsan. It was made call after fifteen days after the death.

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Dr Shahid Masood also shared with his co anchor as it was told by himself Gen Ehsan to him. But, Gen Ehsan did not tell the name to Dr Shahid Masood in his whole conversation. Dr Shahid also did not impose pressure on him for telling the name of that caller who called to Gen Ehsan.

Gen Ehsan told to him as the caller was seemed somewhat mobile engineers and was checking the whole record. He further said he also told me as there was lot of discussion between Benazir Bhutto and me before the horrible incident happened. But there was no any clue found during the investigation.

Prominently, taking about the black berry cell phone of Benazir which was come after three years of death, they could not get any information from it. Officials also announced about the cell phone as they would not get any information from her cell phone. But this claim would definitely leave numbers of quarries for a common man.Unluckily, till now, our governments and other secrete institutions would not be able to find the real culprit since 2008. It must be completed when her husband was in the reign but in vein. Off course, it is a big question mark on the efficiency of our renowned institutions and put them back.

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