Shocking Facts about Benazir Bhutto’s Black Berry

There is some shocking facts about the Benazir Bhutto’s Black Berry revealed by Dr Shahid Masood some days ago. Yes, it is that Black Berry cell phone which was in her personal custody and was being used by her. Dr Shahid Masood often broke such types of news which are highly sensitive for especially for big personalities.

He was talking about these shocking facts of Black Berry cell phone with his co anchor female. He stunned everyone while breaking this news of Black Berry of Benazir Bhutto. He said there was one person who started to use the cell phone of Benazir Bhutto and called to Gen Ehsan which was totally unbelievable.

Dr Shahid Masood said the call which was made to Gen Ehsan just after fifteen days of Benazir Bhutto’s death. Firstly, Gen Ehsan got some reluctant to attend the call as it was wholly awesome for him but he attended the call and talked with person.

Dr Shahid Masood said it was the Gen Ehsan who shared this story with him but did not tell the name of the caller. Dr Shahid Masood also did not try to ask the name of that caller because it was very personal. All big journalists have relations with the big personalities and officials for having big news as Dr Shahid Masood has.

Dr Shahid Masood further clears the whole scenario after telling this as it was the mobile engineer who called to Gen Ehsan. When he called to Gen Ehsan he said to him as he was checking the whole record and I saw you were also in contact with Benazir Butto at high level.

Unfortunately, our officials and government institutions are still unable to find out the culprit of that incident. Even the husband of Benazir Bhutto has been the ruler of this country but could not find the real persons. Off course, Benazir Bhutto had big name in politics not only in Pakistan but also in the whole world.


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