Shoaib Akhtar appears in Private Media Channel

Shoaib Akthar appears in one of famous private media channel after a long time. Shoaib Akhtar the name which is very renowned in sport sector especially in cricket. He has been very renowned and dangerous bowler in his career who has been broken back bones of history’s big cricket teams through his bowling spells. Shoaib Akhtar also has the record of fastest bowler in the world until now.

Shoaib Akhtar is considered one of those cricketers who have succeeded to include himself in the list of celebrities very soon. From the day first, he has been the center of attraction for media all around the world due to his bowling speed and sometimes due to his statements.

After getting retirement from cricket, he went in India and became very popular in India. Indian citizens also like him very much due to his professionalism and he has a lot of followers in India. He also became very disputed personality when he delivered statements against Akmal brothers in one of famous show of Indian media. He also received very negative feedback after that from the people of his own country.

Due to his body structure and fitness, he also very popular in Bollywood. He also appears seldom in many Indian shows when they invite him. Indian Cricketers also like him very much and it can be noticed with this as they invite him at every mega unit of crickets either it is matter of Cricket World Cup or Indian Premier League. He is invited as a chief guest and commentator in these mega events without any pause.

He also gets importance in his own country and always reminded as a big star and hero of our country. He appears on our country’s different channel and shares his opinions on different occasions when our cricket team have professional visit out of the country. He is taken as very outspoken personality as he never has any soft language against anybody to whom he thinks he is doing wrong with cricket team.

Talking about his recent footage in private media channel in which he is again delivering statements like a child even about his own wife. We have no doubt on his patriotism and on his love about his country but there should be some manners to criticize others from which he seems to be devoid. Now he is again getting fame or anything else due to his statements about his wife which is very shameful.


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