Shark engulf to man within second

According to average estimate probably 70-100 people become the victim of shark every year and about 5-15 people are died after this attack. Probably is the word which is used in the previous sentence as it seems impossible to cover all those events which occurred after shark attacks from all around the world. Especially from Third World countries, it always remains impossible to collect right information in this matter.

Sometimes, the actual figure remains hidden from the people who love to bath in seashore because it was unable to share publically. Because the rates of death due to shark attacks become very high and so this strategy is adopted. But in recent analysis, it is shows as the death ration due to shark attacks has become very low rather than past.

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Some organizations are working at high level to educate people in this matter and give proper guidance plan while bathing at seashore. Due to this the ratio of casualties has become very low. On the other hand, the arrival of emergency team on time is the major reason due to which victim is got proper medical treatment in time.

Some analysts reports about the shark attacks and said it mostly occur near the seashore water, and importantly where the sandbar occurs because they have better chances of their food in these areas even with low level tide. People who are attacked by shark are mostly found in those areas after delivering lot of indications about these red zones.

In the given video clip which is shown as some recording to aware of people from shark attacks. In the video, some people pick up shark out from the sea and when they place at ground they all get stunned after having something curious creature which started to creep when it comes out from shark.

There was also very hilarious incident happens when a complete man come out from shark mouth which is fully fit and have no impact of any bruise. People again shocked when they saw him alive. Actually it seems a campaign about the safety of people who go on shore and do not use precautionary measures.

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