Shameful Act of Pakistani Rulers in New York

New York: The sitting Prime Minister stayed in one of expensive hotel in New York at his last visit to attend the 49th UN meeting in America. The purpose to stay in this one of the best hotels in New York was only to have face to face meeting with President Barak Obama. But, unfortunately, our leadership has failed to develop direct contact with desired personality.

The criticism on incumbent Prime Minister was only due to the selection of the most expensive hotel in New York. It is the most expensive hotel in New York that has rent of more than eight-thousand-dollar for one day.

Critics reported that in the UN meeting that was held in America had no issue related to Pakistan. At that time of UN meeting, the burning issues were about E-bola virus and climate change. So there was no need to take such foolish steps by the government.

Such type of issue was also raised at time when the Ex-President of Pakistan also stayed in expensive hotel in New York. In fact, Ex-President set the trend to select expensive hotels in New York for residence on foreign trips rather than to stay in PIA’s Hotel.

Actually, PIA institution itself has its own hotel in New York to accommodate national representative during foreign trips. Even Gen.Rtd. Pervaiz Musharraf also used to stay in this hotel in his regime.

When the Ex-President visited in New York he stayed in too much expensive hotel and paid eight-thousand-dollar for one day. Whenever our leader goes at abroad visits they spent exchequer of government of Pakistan like this way.

There is no problem to stay in such expensive luxurious hotels in New York City but it is not the proper time to spend our government exchequer in this way. This is the time to save Pakistani capital for the welfare of Pakistani People especially to those who have disturbed in flooded areas.

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