Shameful Act in Al Aqsa Mosque by Israeli Army

Few days ago, numbers of Muslims who were worshipping in Al Aqsa Mosuqe were humiliated by Israeli Army. They did have it in mind as they were busy in their religious activities and started to beat brutally. They not only beat them but also use the tear gas against the innocents.

They did all this to have safe entry in mosque of Jews. According to some resources, many Palestinians worshipper got injured in this brutal act. Israeli army not only humiliated them but also some of worshippers have been arrested in this incident.

Some resources told briefly as the whole army men were entered from rear gate of mosque Al Aqsa. A clash was started at time when they started to humiliate the women while they were busy in prayer. They started to push them out from the mosque.

Those tyrants also slapped to females and dragged all of them from their hairs. They totally did against the UNO policy charter. They had crossed all limits even they did not care the old age women and dragged them badly. In response as usual some youngsters of Palestine used stones to push them back but in vein.

They also warned them to keep away from the females but they had no equality to ask Israeli forces as they were soldiers and youngsters were simple citizens. In recent days, there are many clashes rising and numbers of Palestinians have lost their lives in these clashes.

On the other hand, Palestinian President again turned towards Muslim World to take notice on this brutal incident which seems in vein. He also appealed to all to take certain measures against these brutal activities which Israeli army are exercising in these days.


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