Senior Indian Actor Annoyed on Indian Politicians

New Delhi: One senior Indian Actor gets annoyed on Indian Politicians due to their selfish strategy against Pakistan. It is none other than but Om Puri who has taken great risk to speak against their politicians while giving interview to one of his entertainment resource in which he furiously blasts on the egotistic and hypocritical behavior of his nation’s politicians. It is the first time when any Indian actor has dared to speak against politicians in the favour of Pakistan.

These understandings were developed of this senior Indian Actor when he came in Pakistan and felt a lot of appreciation from Pakistani people from every corner of Pakistan. This unbelievable welcome had left him shocked and he was not expecting this kind of hospitality at all. He thanked a lot to all Pakistan people when he left for Indian on his departure.

He further prolongs his stance saying that all Indian Nation is not responsible for their grudge which is bringing up from years against Pakistan at all. He blames to politicians who are badly responsible for the present enmity and hatred. They only use Pakistan to get votes and abuses during their speeches in elections.

He also criticizes the Bollywood and says actors did not get respect who come from Pakistan. On the contrary, Indian Actors get lot of respect and honour when they go in Pakistan. He further explains that there are numbers of people who love too much our actors like Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Dilip Kumar. So, in return, we must give respect to Pakistani Actors and accept them openly.

Om Puri is one of Indian Actor who has worked in Pakistani Film named “Khuda Kay Liyae”. He included one of those actors who have no limit of his fans in Pakistan. He also has his firm footed position in those actors who has got opportunity to work in Hollywood. Undoubtedly, Om Puri is the name of Art in the Sub-Continent.

In the end, this senior Indian Actor emphasis on the importance of amicable attitude from Pakistan and India. He said that it is the best time to get together to compete the present challenges as both nations have same problems to solve. So media can also play vital role to eliminate this chronic dispute and it must be because of sovereignty of both nations.

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