Security System Collapsed by Clever Man

It was very hilarious when one man broke the security system of big shopping mall in one of European country. It was appearing he was facing some difficulty in his work as he wanted to steal some things form the shopping mall but it was seemed impossible due to high security system of that shopping mall. That person did not lose heart and find another way to get success in his plan.

Undoubtedly, that person seemed a man of parts and very genius who found another way which nobody could have in his mind. When he found no other way he started put things of shopping mall in the pockets and bags of the people. Those things were tagged which had serial numbers of shopping mall.

The purpose those tags are only to cease things from stolen as one person tries to pick things secretly and when crosses the barrier of shopping mall, the security alarm starts to ring which means that passing person has something with him which is illegal. This system is very renowned and almost found everywhere around the world.

On the other hand, these shopping malls provide lot of facilities to the people who lived in the vicinity as they have no need to go shop to shop to buy different edibles. Because in these shopping centers everything is available with large quantity and consumer have need to go shop to shop.

When those persons who had tagged things in their pockets and bags crossed the security barrier, the security alarm started to ring and the security staff asked them to stop and requested them to check again the whole luggage which had already cleared.

When this process repeated with numbers of person which were present in the shopping, they got worried about their security system. Then they asked people to go and understood as the security system has got some problem due to which it was behaving like this. In this way, that clever man stole the things which were seemed impossible without that trick.


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