Scientists started experiments on Human Animal Hybrids

Very regretful buzz which has shook the whole as scientists have started to work on Human Animal Hybrids secretly. Some human rights societies also claimed as they are working in undercover laboratories. It is also taken as very heinous human experiments by different social groups and the human organizations.

Scientist are busy to work on human dog experiments also which is just going on to satisfy the rich. In other words, they are busy to please the 1 percent people in this whole world. For the witness, some footage are also given in which they have showed the pictures of human dog cross breed.

Some resources also tell as these mutants would have very high price when it would be generated. According to appraise, it would have about 50 million dollars for each mutant. One physician who is involved in this whole operation also remarks as the human dog hybrid is more useful than iPhone 6.

He further narrates as the vocal cords of these mutants work efficiently and would be able to respond. At the same time, the whole animal rights organizations got angry on this weird act and started to react bitterly. Along with animal rights groups, human rights associations could not stay away from this issues and jumped in this matter.

So the groups and organizations started to protest right at those secret laboratories where these mutants were being ready. A very clash was reported which was organized by different societies. Even the management had to call coups to handle with this mess which were going to be uncontrolled.After reporting all this, in British laboratories there are also some other scientists who have got embryos of 150 animals. According to them they are working on this project for three years with different researches. ScientistsĀ also claim as they are working for the welfare of human beings to cure them from different diseases.


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