Scientists must Stop their Experiments on Human Animal Hybrid

According to some reports, scientists have started to experiment on Human Animal hybrids. There are also some claims by some human rights societies as some undercover laboratories are busy to do some heinous human experiments. It is also reported as about 150 human animal hybrids have been grown in UK labs.

According to some reports, these experiments are just on their way to satisfy the needs of the rich. For those who are only 1 percent of total population. Given footage gives proof as scientists has been able to cross breed of human and dog for those rich who are pet lovers.

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According to some resources, the hybrid which would be generated definitely would have very high price about to 50 million dollars. Regarding this story, one of doctors essentially stated as it would be better to buy human dog hybrid than iPhone 6. According to him these hybrids would be more intelligent and more beneficial.

Human dog hybrid’s vocal cord would work efficiently as they would response when you would have needed to talk with them. When all this is going to be happened, the whole animal rights groups are angry naturally. Human rights organization also jumped in this field and started to work efficiently on this issue.

So the persons who dislike the most to this act started to protest in front of the super secret laboratory. There was big clash reported whey they protested in this matter. Even cops were also called to stop the fight among the groups with the purpose to disperse them.On the other hand, there are also some British laboratories where scientists have created more than 150 human animal embryos. They are producing these embryos for three years back with the help of researches. According to some reports they are doing it for having possible cures of different wide range of human disease.

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