Scientists do experiments on Carnivorous Plant

First time scientist did different experiment on carnivorous plant that left him astonished. Scientists are the names of experiments who always remain in the process of doing something different. They always think different from rest of the world and come out obviously with something special whenever their processes end. Here carnivorous plants are the main topic on which scientists are making different experiments.

Talking about the carnivorous plants, it also called as insectivorous plants that usually feed on insects and other animals. These carnivorous plants have some special traps and ingenious pitfalls organs for capturing the animals and insects. Talking about carnivory, it has evolved by itself about six times from several families.

The carnivorous plant has more than 600 known species having very diverse group. Conspicuous trapping method of carnivorous plant consists of modified leaves. These leaves play very important role to draw the attention of different insects and animals. There are variety of mechanisms regarding trapping that exist in carnivorous plants.

One of them is pitfall traps mechanism in which pitcher plants family exists. This mechanism of trapping animals is very common in which one long hollow pipe organ exists having a large leaf on it. That large leaf consists of liquid which helps to trap prey and to digest it.

Carnivorous plants are commonly found in aquatic environment as well as in terrestrial. They grow collectively as 2-3 genera are found growing alongside. Bogs, damp heaths, swamps and sandy or muddy shores are those places where these plants can easily grow. Carnivorous plants also found where nitrogenous materials are not found and unavailable.

Knowing the habit the carnivorous plant, one scientist made an experiment with it and plans a experiment to put a cigarette. They put it right at that part of plant from where it captures the insects and other animals. There was an unbelievable scene created there as they put it as plant started to suck it with pressure.

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