Scientifically proven Advantages and Disadvantages of Music

According to scientific proof, it is taken as beneficial to listen music for our physical body. They speak about the blood pressure which keeps in required limitation after listening the music. They listen slow music for lowering blood pressure every morning and evening. People also maintain it by regularly listening it.

Talking about the relaxing music, it may include Celtic, classical and raga music. It is also said as it is taken as medicine for heart patients. They use to musical tempo or its pace which directly effects on heart rate. Some participants share their experiments when they have listened six different forms of music.

Participants did observe during the experiments as they had fast breathing rates when they got indulged into their beloved music. But, when they were directed towards slower music then the breathing rate were also gone slow. Some people might be trained themselves to cure by listening to music regarding their health.

Here science also tells us some other physical advantages as it has ability to improve and boost the immune system of human body. It can also play a vital role to reduce the stress level. So it might be said as to listen music is more useful than any other extracurricular activities.

When it talks about the disadvantages to listen music, firstly which effect comes in mind is about the hear loss. Scientific proof tells as it definitely can cause to hear loss for those who like to listen loud music. Listing the people who become the victims of this bad habits are mostly youngsters and young people.

Defining deeply, it can damage to hear loss especially those ones who use earphones and do not want to put off from their ears. People who are already in depressed mood, when they listen again sad music or gloomy music, it would enhance the anxiety and depression as well. Those also may have deeper mood and emotional disorders badly.


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