Salman Khan does very different in his Bigg-Boss show

It might be possible if someone says to Sunny Leon the most controversial actresses in the whole history of Bollywood. Sunny Leon who belongs to Punjab one of Indian province also has her citizenship of Canada. She came in Indian just to join Bollwood as a model and actress.

According to numerics, she was firstly appeared on screen in one of famous reality show which is still being hosted by Salman Khan. When she entered in this big industry she started to face many ups and down in her career right from the start.

But, after passing some time, she started to get fame in market especially in the filed of modeling. She also has worked in some movies which are taken as disputed ethically. In spite of all this, she did not stop to search a quality work and remained attached with Bollywood and at last found her destination.

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Undoubtedly, she is brilliant and beautiful actor and has made her presence in the Bollywood. People started to give respect after watching her good work in some serious movies. She is further trying to remove the labeled of some kinds of special movies. She should be thankful for all this to Bollywood.After entering in Bollywood, she never appeared in Award shows but now she is coming continuously.

This time, when Salman Khan invited her she came on stage with glamorous dressing. Salman Khan started to underss her slowly slowly. It was seeming as it was all planted to do on stage.Actually, now a days, Sunny Leone is going to have one item song with Salman Khan in one of Salman Khan’s movie. So she is getting support from Salman Khan as well. Some people are also saying as it may be publicity stunt to undress Sunny Leone on Award Show.

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