Salman Khan does different in Big Boss Show

Tennis Star Sania Mirza appears in one of Award Shows without her husband Shoaib Malik in India. She is very renowned Tennis Star in her country and has been succeeded  many times to achieve many Tennis Award. She is the first one from her country side who has achieved this popularity in this game around the world. She is also ranked currently at number one position in doubles.

Sania Mirza has also won Wimbledon Championships in doubles in women’s category as well as in mixed doubles. She was stand as a first women from her countryside who firstly reached in the fourth round of Grand Slam Tournament in US Open in 2005. In this  tournament, she defeated to Maria Elena Camerin, Marion Bartoli and Mashona Washington.

Talking about the event of Japan Open, Sania was reached up to semifinals by defeating Vera Zvonareva, Aiko Nakamura and Vilmarie Castellvi. In that event she was lost by Tatiana Golovin but create the history to moving up to semifinals. But, thanks to the season of 2005 in which she was labeled with the award of WTA.

Talking about the entry in Bollywood of Tennis Star Sania Mirza, it always has been mystery as she never made any film but always seen in the film award shows. She always invited in these award shows whenever she did not have any tour out of country regarding her professionalism. She also seems very interesting to attend these types of shows that is why she always be there to have fun.

In this show, everyone can judge how important she is in her community especially in the people of her country. People of her country are very generous and kind to her and always want her to be at the top position in tennis game. In last days, when she was lost very important game, she was criticized badly from her country’s people.In this show, when the host asked from this tennis start Sania Mirza about her favorite actor. Firstly, she was supposed to be confused about the selection but she suddenly answered by putting the name of Akshay Kumar in her favorite actor list. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan was also there and were accepting there names as a favorite of her but in vein.


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