Sacha Baron Cohen gives somewhat different performance in New York City award show

Sacha Baron Cohen gives different performance in New York City award show in which almost every actor of Hollywood was there and enjoying the evening in New York City. Actually it was the award show in which Sacha Baron Cohen was invited and was honored by the Award Show management.

According to scene, it looks as she was called by Hollywood directors due to her appearances with Charlie Chaplin in her younger age. She was only among all Hollywood legends at that floor. She was honored by the management and gifted with special award.

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However, in the very next moment, she was tricked with wonderful joke in which she was caste out from the stage and she pretended as she was no more. It was really wonderful fun for all Hollywood actresses and actors who were there and enjoying the fabulous evening. She also performed very well while casting down from the stage and the whole floor was surrounded with clapping over her performance in New York City.

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