Role of Heavy Bikes in One Wheeling

One Wheeling by using Heavy Bikes is getting very serious situation like cancer day by day in our young generation especially the youngsters of big cities. Mostly the teenagers are the main part of it who never understands the dangerous consequences of one wheeling. These dare devils leave shocked to their viewers when they are busy on roads while one wheeling.

Unfortunately, all teenagers have started to do this frequently as they think they have their duties to do this to amuse the people. They perform very dangerous stunts while sitting on their heavy bikes. They not only lay flat on bikes but also make standing pose while driving at dangerous speed. They also drive their bikes without any silencers and create noise pollution.

These teenagers also used heavy bikes to satisfy their wishes and mostly not use helmets for safety purposes.  Special police that are designed to stop these activities from teenagers also seem helpless when they come on roads. These heavy bikers intentionally put themselves in danger not only their own lives but also the lives of others on road.

Very serious traffic interruptions create when these youngsters appear on roads with their special and dangerous driving. Traffic wardens report as they are helpless to stop those one-wheelers who are without ambitions and become the cause of loss for others who are on roads. When one biker asked about his habit he proudly replied he never faced any problem in his life while one-wheeling.

There are numbers of cases which are happened on roads regarding these one-wheelers and most of time these teenagers lost their lives due to this bad practice. They not only waste their life in cheap way but also disturb the whole lives of their beloved ones for whole life.

In given footage, one can examine how one of users of heavy bikes is displaying his expertise in driving matter and have no danger at his face at all. He is driving his heavy bike having many others who all are his age fellows and going to create the history. Obviously, it seems awesome as one man is carrying the number of people on bike but it can be dangerous for their lives which is inappropriate.

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