Rivalry Results into World best Defense Technology

When it talks about the missile technology in the rest of world no one can ignore the Missile Technology of one of developing country which is surprising everyone even those who claim the authority of being a Super Power in the world. Undoubtedly, it is amazing as how is it possible for that country that even not able to produce its own needle but has capability to produce world’s best missile technology.

Actually it all about the rivalry which Pakistan has from the day of independence with India. Speaking truth, both countries were never ever able to hold these big tasks in the form of missile technologies as both have taken from the day first but they jumped and strangled their own nations badly. When critics analyze of both counties, it seems as some third powers are fully involved in this region especially with these two counties which do not want any prosperity in these countries.

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Fortunately both counties have been united in English reign and it was very easy for both nations to be united and to diminish all clashes just for the sake of prosperity for both poor nations. But at the time of departure, English ruler created some disputes between these two nations in the form of Kashmir which never seems to be resolved. Kashmir issue always proves a bone of contention between two countries due to which there are about four battles have been fought.

So in this regard, both countries started to build their defense system strongly day by day. Both countries started to achieve the best missile technology from where they could get around the world. According to some analyst, Pakistan was attached with Chinese scientist for this purpose and India with Russia and started to show their superiority in the region.

Defense Authority of Pakistan did not stop only missile technology but also started to work on lower level. They gave some assignments to those technology outlets to introduce some new technology for the use of soldiers. After a short period of time, they shook the whole world when they introduced very latest technology for ground soldiers in a festival event.

Actually the defense technology which they have made is too much related to that technology which has shown in the Hollywood movies. Not only the spectators appreciated but also the whole world remained shocked after seeing this technology in Pakistan. Actually these technology are not found in reality but in the movies but Pakistani technicians proved themselves the best one around the world.

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